^S21E03^ Watch Top Gear (2002) Season 21 Episode 3 Online

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^S21E03^ Watch Top Gear (2002) Season 21 Episode 3 Online. Something great things will happen soon, check this out. The presenters show their love of small cars with a trip to Ukraine. Jeremy selects a Volkswagen Up for the journey, while Richard takes a Ford Fiesta and James deciding on a Dacia Sandero. James Blunt is this week's star in a Reasonably Price Car.

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A little additional reminder from last week episode, Prev: 21x02 -- Series 21, Episode 2 (Feb/09/2014): The series continues with a jam-packed show featuring Italian sports cars, military manoeuvres and a trip to Belgium.

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Richard Hammond is on the shores of Lake Como testing the exciting new Alfa Romeo 4C, a mid-engined machine from one of the world's most beloved sports car makers. Hammond's enjoyment of the super-lightweight, 237 horsepower beauty is brought to an abrupt halt by the arrival of Jeremy Clarkson on a quad bike, demanding a race to the far end of the vast lake. Unfortunately for Hammond, Clarkson's quad bike is not entirely as it first seems.

Elsewhere in the programme, Clarkson is in the genteel surroundings of Bruge and at the rather less sedate Spa Grand Prix track in order to test a thrilling new breed of hybrid hypercar: the stunning, 904 horsepower McLaren P1.

Meanwhile, James May is at the vast Camp Bastion in Afghanistan looking at the incredible efforts behind the army's largest vehicle redeployment since the Second World War.

Finally, actor Tom Hiddleston, star of Thor, The Avengers and War Horse, tries his hand out on the track as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

Top Gear (series 21) main goal: Jeremy Clarkson confirmed on Twitter on 16 September 2013 that he had started filming for Series 21. This series will also contain a Top Gear Special, as confirmed on 20 October by Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter: "Well this is it. We are off to make the Top Gear Special. And I have a bad feeling about this mission." The "Christmas" special will air in March 2014 as announced by Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter.

On 17 January 2014, a teaser trailer of the new series was released on the BBC's YouTube channel, and across BBC Television. On 21 January, it was confirmed the series would start on 2 February 2014.

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